Learning aerial skills, is a great way for your child to build strength, flexibility and confidence whilst having fun. We welcome children of Primary and Secondary School Age to attend classes and learn tricks and sequences on our aerial equipment. The classes will work on a mix of aerial hoop, trapeze, silks and cocoon.

To make sure your child gets the most from their aerial class, parents/guardians can help.

All our bookings are done online, this is so we have all the information and payments made prior to class attendance. This allows our instructors to focus on running a great aerial class and not administration duties during precious class time.
You can check your account at any time, in the “account” section, you can see all your past and upcoming bookings along with all payments made.
We do not want to be in the position of turning your child away from a class if they’ve not been booked into the session.

What to wear:
Clothing for aerial class should be warm comfortable clothing suitable for exercise. Clothing must cover armpits, stomachs and knees and must not have zips or buttons which may damage the equipment. Clothing should be practical for going upside down and working on the equipment. Not wearing the correct clothing may prevent your child from being able to try some of the skills as the clothing is to protect their skin from damage and pain. We work in bare feet or socks so no specific shoes are necessary. All jewellery and accessories must be removed for aerial class and long hair tied back, ideally this is done in advance and you arrive ready for the session. Ideal clothing would be leggings/joggers and a vest/leotard/t-shirt that can be tucked in and long sleaved top.

What to bring:
Please only bring essentials to the studio, anything they do bring will be stored in a small cubby hole during the session. We do not have changing facilities, so ask participants come ready to start. We cannot store bikes, scooters etc during the class. Please bring a water bottle (which can be filled if needed) ideally no single use plastic as we try to be a waste free studio. We do not allow eating or drinking in the studio other than water.

Arrive on time:
We welcome students into the studio 5-10 minutes before the session begins. Being late for class disrupts the entire class. The start of the class is the most important part, where instructors set expectations and explain what they will learn during the session, by arriving late, it’s not just a case of joining in, the instructor may have to restart the session. Ensuring your child arrives prepared, dressed and on time for class will result in a smoother and better class for everyone.

During class:
Our instructors will welcome all the participants and set rules and expectations for the session. We ask that parents/guardians do not spectate or enter the studio during the sessions. It can be intimidating and cause a distraction for the participants. Our instructors will ensure that your children are safe and encouraged to progress during the classes. We will welcome parents into see their child’s progress on the last class before the summer and christmas holidays and/or film their progress if you’re not available to make this session.

Class Rules:
So that our classes can run smoothly and we ensure the children get the most from their time in class we ask that they follow a few class rules. These are fully explained at their first class and we go over each one, with examples. These will be re-inforced through out the term. Our main aim is to provide a safe space for all students to learn and progress. If students are not following the rules, they will be asked to sit out and miss a turn on the equipment, if the issue persists we will contact the parent/guardian to discuss their suitability in class.

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